About Us

The New Zealand Export Growers Orchid Association Incorporated (NZEGO for short) was incorporated in 1980 to serve the common interests of the New Zealand Orchid export industry.

We are now the oldest professional flower producers' association in New Zealand, and have been a part of a great many changes as the industry has grown and matured. 

Our Aims

NZEGO facilitates the pathways connecting New Zealand Cymbidiums to our export markets by promoting relationship with our New Zealand Flower Export Assocation, and ensuring a solid foundation of grading standards and top quality orchid supply.

NZEGO continues to be alert for any issues that arise that may affect our members and the industry as a whole.

  • We will continue to lobby Government agencies where we feel that their policies may be beneficial to New Zealand Orchid growers, and where this can best be pursued by a body representing the whole industry.
  • We will continue to co-operate with other organisations with like-minded interests.
  • We will continue to liaise with flower exporters on matters of mutual interest, such as market promotions.
  • We will continue to facilitate opportunities for the dissemination of growing information through regionally based field days, newsletters and the Price Monitor, and pursue areas of research as deemed necessary.
  • We will continue to prudently manage the affairs of the Association, so that it is going well into the future, still serving the best interests of New Zealand Orchid growers.